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How To Register?

Registration takes just a few minutes and can be done securely via services provided by

Register online via eSellerate

Click the eSellerate link, click the buy button on the eSellerate page, and follow the steps. You will receive the registration code via email. Open your application, press the register button and enter your registration code.

For your convenience, will handle all transactions via a secure web site. Few minutes after your registration, you will receive an email from eSellerate containing your registration code.

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You can also register using the Register Button in the application.

Press the register button in your application, Click the buy button in the registration dialog and follow the steps.

The Complete File Renamer 2.0 registration wizard will guide you through the registration steps. The registration code will be automatically delivered to your application and you will also receive a confirmation email for your records.

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To register via Paypal, please send an email to and request a PayPal order for Complete File Renamer 2.0.

We will send a PayPal Bill to your email address. When we confirm your PayPal payment, you will receive an email containing your registration code.


Why Register?

Complete File Renamer is a 'try and buy' product. Complete File Renamer will work for 10 days and then lock itself. To be able to use it after the evaluation period is over, you need to register. Registration also entitles you to free upgrades to new versions of Complete File Renamer, and better customer support.

Return policy

You can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.


Please contact for information about volume discounts.

Thank you for using Rename 123.